90 Day Sprint Planning Workshop for Coaches

Tame that pile of post-its, beat overwhelm and plan out your next 90 days

Apr 6th 2021



The Car’s in Idle…

You’ve got:

  • A cracking business idea and you know people want and need your expertise
  • A pile of post-its 6″ high
  • 4 notebooks filled with ideas, tips and strategies
  • 350 new bookmarks and blog posts you’ve saved
  • 19 new apps you signed up to this month
  • 53 “info” emails landing in your inbox daily
  • A close friendship with Amazon delivery guy who brings you new business goodies daily!
  • And … absolutely no bloody idea how to put it all together and actually START – and get that first client!

Putting the Car in Gear

In this interactive workshop we’re going to plan out your next 90 days.

There’s no point worrying about what your business will look like in 1 year, 2 years or 10 miles down the road.

Right now – all your focus and energy needs to be in actually launching this ship, cracking open the champagne and setting sail!

So that’s what we’re going to do.

In this interactive workshop you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what you need to do for the next 90 days to make huge shifts and gain momentum in your business.
  • Shape your life and business so it works for you – without burnout, overload or “dying of hustle“!
  • The best strategies for shaping your offer, pricing your offer(s) – and getting your first customers.
  • How to swerve the time-sucking, energy-draining, pointless tasks the gurus tell you that you “need“, but won’t serve you…
  • How to build month-on-month, quarter-on-quarter a sustainable online business.

Event Info


April 6th, 2021




1pm-3pm London